Alchemical Healing

Ritual For Wholeness & Integration


For many of us our baseline is one of stress, pressure and low vibrational behavior with only moments of release, relaxation and centeredness thrown in. This is the exact opposite that our physical and energetic bodies need in order to function optimally. When our physical and energetic bodies are functioning properly our entire physical system returns to its divine perfection, protecting us from disease of the body and mind, allowing us to relax and manifest with ease and interact with the outside world in a fluid and calm approach. 

There are many out there who take offense to the idea of healing. " How dare you! I'm not broke. There is nothing wrong with me!" 

And you know what? You're right. But we've all been through and done some shit. And each experience, trauma, achievement-everything that has impacted us emotionally has impacted us energetically


There is precious little about us which has not been molded by our experiences. Some of it works. Some of it does not. Think of healing not as being broken but rather coming into wholeness and proactively creating the individual you desire to be. 

Additionally some of what we've encountered has been so unspeakably painful that we refused to move through it; opting instead to shove it in a box and push it way, way, way down. Left alone these wounds express their frustration at being ignored by expanding and festering in insidious ways that again, mold and shape our entire being, sometimes without our conscious awareness. 

So healing is not about being broken. Its about gently confronting ourselves, seeing our trauma, our conditioning and its originators so that we can become the person we truly are. 

I knew to stay in one location which is important for the healer to focus. I felt a lifting of weight from the afflicted areas. The information she provided touched on the very real issues I face and provided insight on illness connections that I had made myself and wondered about. Laura picked up on the psoas muscle connection and my plantar fasciitis, something my traditional practitioner said was not possible but my massage therapist had also mentioned to me in the past. She even drew similar connections to my fertility issues and hip tension that other healers have mentioned in previous sessions.
In short, I found her distance healing accurate as f#ck and immediately perceptible. Following the session I worked my typical shift on my feet the entire time and came home with not a single hint of pain. The first time that has happened in years.
— Ellen Hawkins, Portland OR

Your Personal Ritual

These healing sessions are conducted via Skype video or my in residence healing room in Parker, CO. If interested in hosting a group event please email for further details. 



Alchemical Healing employs the elements to bring transformation on a profound level by incorporating Psychic Surgery, Cleansing, Elemental energy and Reiki healing. 

This is space holding, an invitation for the elements, ascended masters, angels and guides who watch over and love you deeply to connect and offer their healing, guidance and insight. Whether you are looking to aid healing from a physical wound or disease or wounds on an emotional or past life level this healing ritual is one which is equally life affirming and life altering. 

These sessions are quite activating and often will stimulate a cleansing on a physical and emotional level. It is suggested that for more complex issues you bundle these sessions together to spread out over the course of time to allow for gentle and compassionate healing. Because of their cleansing quality it is not suggested that you partake in this ritual during times of high activity but rather during a time when at least 24 hours of slower movement and more self care can be allotted. 

Additionally because you are being activated and spiritually cleansed and balanced many experience what I affectionately refer to as "ritual high". For this reason you want to ensure that are the very least you are not required to drive or operate machinery within 45-60 minutes post healing. 

These sessions can be done via Skype, in person or for groups. For group healing please contact me to learn more and receive detailed information on rates.

Alchemical Healing
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