New Year Reading

New Year Reading


Its that time of year again! Time for a fresh slate-a clear canvas upon which we can create our masterpiece. We have no past and no future. Simply this moment. This period of creation where we get to decide: what will I do this year? Who will I become? 

A new year is a potent time for new beginnings. For shedding what no longer serves and moving forward with consciousness around what you want and how to get there. 

These readings are BIG-thus I  am only offering up 6 slots, all to be delivered between now and 12/31 and done in the order purchased. I do connect with both spirit channeling and Tarot to go month by month, detailing the energy, obstacles, possibilities and more that each day, week and month holds. These readings will help you to know when you will face challenges and what to do to create flow, opportune times for new beginnings, going after those big dreams and when you might want to lay low, go inward and explore your internal halls. 

In short these readings are your comprehensive guide to 2018 so that you can work with the energy and its natural rhythm. 

Each reading will arrive to you in a beautifully designed book for continued reflection between 11/13-12/31 and done in the order purchased. If you have any questions at all please be sure to shoot me a line.


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