Ritual Work

Ritual Work

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Allow me to create a bespoke ritual working for you. 

A ritual is a sacred ceremony that energetically supports the action you take in real life to bring forth change. Whether you are looking for a new job, promotion within an existing one, new love or greater self love, I will assist you in manifesting that which you desire. 

As a practicing Witch I draw upon my formal training in the Cabot tradition, Shamanic practices, herbal and candle magick as well call upon assistance of our stone and elemental allies. 

Please note that prior to create your bespoke ritual I will perform a reading to gain insight into the situation and what obstacles, strengths and weaknesses are present. I will seek insight as well as to the best approach to ensure a successful working. This information will then be worked with to create your special ceremony. I will also make suggestions for how you can invite this energy to you and have you be part of the process but this is NOT essential to the working but rather a means of helping you to lend your personal flavor to the working should you desire to do so. 

It will make no impact should you choose not to and the ritual will still bear fruit. 

Work typically comes to fruition within 28 Lunar days but depends also on personal commitment. A working to gain a promotion will fall flat if you are slacking on the job. Long story short-it works if you work it. You have the option of choosing between having the ritual done 1-3 times. The more often the energy is raised and built around your intention the stronger, faster and more reliable your results. 

In some cases I will request personal effects of yours and the focus of your intention for the purpose of grounding and rooting the energy of the ritual to you. Additionally if you know that you have multiple workings you wish to have done (for example a ritual to bring forth a relationship AND a ritual for improving business) you can also choose from the options listed. 

Before you purchase:

  • Make sure you truly want what you are asking for. I bring results that are fast and elegantly simplistic. I do not babysit and when you ask for something I will assume you have put the time into considering how badly you truly want what you are asking for. 
  • Consider the implications-I do not do work which is manipulative or impedes another's freewill. I cannot make someone love you who hardly knows your name. I cannot bring you money when you fail to show up for work. You must be willing to put in the work and respect the natural order of things. 
  • Please check out with the email you wish for me to reach out to you at. I will not chase or track down but rather refund you if you do not respond to the email I send following your purchase. 

look forward to helping you manifest your desires! If you have any introductory questions at all please feel free to contact me. 

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