Wheel of Fortune Guide to Jupiter in Scorpio

Wheel of Fortune Guide to Jupiter in Scorpio


Jupiter, the great expander. The bringer of luck and profit. The planet who lives to bring you joy and happiness is transiting from Libra, where its been stationed for the past 13 months to Scorpio. 

Scorpio is the planet of magic and mystery. Of sex, death and rebirth. The planet that feels everything on the exponential and is not satisfied with surface shit. They dig deep. They want all the answers. They want the best that life has to offer but only because they've walked within and made it through the worst. 

Combine this with Jupiter and the specific place this transit is playing out within your sign and you have a recipe that can be equal parts blessing and curse. Challenge and opportunity. After all, in order to be able to create greatness, to become greatness we must first clear away the coal. The dead. That which we've traveled through and no longer serves. 

Additionally transits with Uranus as well as Mars, Venus, and the Sun make for a powerhouse month of astrology that offers up a door that can radically alter your life for years to come. 

When you purchase you will be asked to enter the email you desire your guide be sent to. Please choose an email that you check often. 

These guides are between 7-10 pages in length and are narrated by yours truly. Your guide will arrive to you on October 9th. If you want a deeper reading with further detail into the next 13 months I suggest ordering your sun, moon, rising and if applicable, cusp sign (if you were born 7-10 days before or after a signs transition) but this is not necessary to gain valuable insight into this transit. 


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