To embrace our light we must understand our shadow

This is for those tired of hitting the same obstacles. Who do not understand why they continue to face the same obstacles over and over again like a record on repeat. Those who desire to clear the path and face their entire self. The parts you enjoy as well as those you have suppressed. 

Our shadow or subconscious serves as the puppet master, often overriding our conscious will. Its not something to fear but something to respect, to work with and to honor with a seat at the table. 

When you purchase this reading I will reach out to discuss your questions and get a bit of background information for focus. I will open ceremony and connect to your guides and throw your cards.  I will then work with the cards as well as intuitive insight that comes through to provide you with guidance which will help you understand the strengths supporting you and the qualities that need further cultivation. I will outline the path forward based on your current trajectory as well as any guidance on how you can move beyond any obstacles that are present. 

This reading will help you integrate and heal so that you can move forward in your life with empowerment and consciousness. 


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