2018-A Year Of Opening

When given a blank slate how do you choose to adorn it?

Do you stand back and take time with careful consideration of how you want your masterpiece to look or do you just hurriedly begin to splash paint and allow your hands to create the lines of your story?

There really is no right or wrong-there simply is. And the same can be said for how we choose to spend our New Year’s Eve. For some, such as myself and my family, we see this as a time for quiet contemplation and clearing the pipes, so to speak, energetically of all that has accumulated over the past 12 months. For others, it’s a time of revelry and celebration-a chance to get wild and usher in the upcoming year with high energy. Regardless of how you celebrate what is, to me, most important is the reverence and understanding of the gateway each new year presents.

And the gateway before us now is going to command even more of our awareness. 2018 is numerologically a master number 11. 1+1=2: combines the dominate masculine energy of Zeus (!) with the dominate feminine energy of Hera (2) to create a powerful combination that allows us to tap into both halves within the self. We will possess the brute strength and active force of the masculine as well as the intuitive, receptive and generative qualities of the divine feminine.

So, what does this mean?

It means that we have an energetic combination that allows for us to break boundaries. To redefine what living is for us. We are encouraged to stretch beyond our comfort zone and truly step into our greatest potential-a potential we can only tap into when we bravely move beyond that which we can predict.

Equally so it portends a year wherein duality is going to play a major role in our lives. Our light and our dark. The material side of life and the spiritual side. Our active and our receptive force. Do we have balance in these areas or have we been more firmly rooted in one to the neglect of the other?

2018 is a year to create.

We quite literally have a force bursting forth within that will aid us when we combine commitment, vision and effort. But this is a heavy responsibility. How many visions have we failed to commit to? How many ideas have arisen that we let slide, unformed? Far too many. The energy of 2018 requires that we do the work, we seek the support, that we commit to ourselves to form a crystalline vision of what we desire for ourselves. For our lives and then take the action necessary to make the intangible, tangible.

This is a year which is going to require that we step up to the plate and understand that our level of being accepted by others is directly proportionate to our capacity to accept ourselves. If we are walking around wearing masks that reflect how we want to be seen but bely the reality beneath we will find that we continue to feel like outliers in our own lives. Authenticity is the only way forward which requires perhaps the greatest act of courage in itself. Because in order to show the world our authentic self we must be willing to own it. And then trust we will be loved, warts and all.

The Tarot card for the year is Justice

This is an energy backing up our need for greater authenticity with an added focus on integrity. Justice is indeed blind. Whether you’ve done good or done bad—the great lady sees all. Nemesis, the Goddess of indignation and retribution is always on hand to remind us when we’ve gotten away with something we shouldn’t just as she is there to support us, back to back, when we’ve been taken advantage of. She sees the heart of the matter. She sees what resides beneath the surface She knows what is in your heart of hearts when you commit an act and as such doing things for the right reasons, or at least being honest about all the reasons, is going to prove the only way forward. Not to mention the only way to save undue embarrassment and humiliation when Nemesis peels back the artifice to reveal the truth below the surface.

Justice also requires we take radical responsibility for our lives. To look at the state of affairs and not immediately point the finger to those around us. To instead acknowledge that our lives, for better or for worse, are mainly a reflection of the choices that we have or have not made. Ergo if shit is falling apart it’s on us to own up to what brought us to this moment and then claim, with that same responsibility, the power to change it.

2018 is not a year for the weak or the meager.

If you thought that 2017 was challenging then buckle up buttercup because if you are not prepared to shed your masks, to own your entire being and then do the work necessary to create the internal and external changes you desire to see in your life, well then 2018 is going to downright chap your ass.

Because 2018 is going to favor those who favor themselves. Who do the work. Who put in the effort. Who embrace who they are and acknowledge the parts they have worked so hard to hide. This year is going to support those who show up and are willing to put in the work. For those who try to skate by, cut corners or hide from their true power, it’s going to be a year that presents plenty more lessons that are all too often learned the hard way.

The choice, ultimately, is ours. There isn’t really a right or wrong. One path will resonate whilst the other wont. It’s the choice we make to align ourselves with the path which resonates that will determine the flow of our year. Do we show up and do the work? Or do we think we can just skate by like maybe we’ve done in the past?

The power is ours. It’s in our hands. It is our choice.

It’s not something beyond our grasp or control. Because even when events trip us up we still have the power to choose a response which is in line with the path we felt the most resonance.

2018 is a year of awareness.
2018 is a year of opening.
2018 is a year of owning.
2018 is a year of creation.

And regardless of which path you choose rest assured that the energy at play this year will find a way to crack you open. To broaden your perception. To hold you accountable and to show you just what you are capable of.

I open my heart and send you the greatest waves of love and hope that you have a most safe, most joyous, most magical New Year.






Laura Brown

Readings, Ritual, Revolution