Things 2017 Taught Me (And Whats Deepening in 2018)

I had an itch to go over what 2017 taught me, what I accomplished and what I am deepening as I embark upon 2018. This was a very healing and empowering practice for me. So much so that I wanted to share it along with a request that you do the same for yourself. It is important to take stock and put these things down in black and white (or get colorful with it, by all means make it uniquely you). Feel free to share your posts/creations/thoughts with the hashtag #NYINVENTORY.

Lets get the party started...

Social media is a wonderful business tool but equally a trap…

That not only belies what is really happening but can take us out of the present moment. I used to habitually post on social media and sometimes I still have my moments, I admit. But for most of 2017 I really stepped back. I took careful consideration about what I was posting and why. This not only helped me to create a system for posting for work that was purposeful but helped me to post less on a personal level.


Because I noticed that when I posted effusive personal posts a lot of time it was hiding what was really going on beneath the surface. And thanks to a strong psychic sense, I can tell when others are doing it too (hint, most of the posts I read). The constant posts of our significant other (and please, don’t get me started about those who post pictures of people eating because they didn’t get the memo that folx shoveling food in their mouths would like to throw something at the person with the camera pointed at them but I digress…), the “look at me, look at me” selfies. When done to a fault, scream an entirely different narrative than perhaps what is intended. If you have to post 12 times a week about your significant other and how great the relationship is chances are the relationship is not that great.

Furthermore, I would rather be in the moment than in a rush to grab my camera (and who am I kidding, most of us have our phones right next to us at all moments, even in, maybe especially, the bathroom). I was always the one grabbing the phone to take a photo of my kids, or my husband, or our food or where we were at because we do some pretty fun and spectacular shit. But I realized what this did when my husband calmly put his hand to my face and said asked me to stop and just be with him in that moment. So, I did and I was and it felt great. Better than what posting that ish on social media would provide me (us).

2017 taught me the value of subtlety and how true contentment is often far quieter and much more personal than thought.


Everything is happening for me, not to me.

I have uttered this several times in my daily readings over on Instagram but it was a personal mantra for me this year. What a paradox to experience one of the most difficult and yet one of the best years to date all in one year! I was faced with many challenges personally with my eldest son and embarked on a pretty intense healing journey focusing in on my own wounds from my childhood all the while experiencing some major professional growth and relational intimacy. It was the best and worst and early on some of the worst moments brought out the worst in me. I was pissed as hell that I couldn’t just have shit steady. I wanted stability and peace, to be able to enjoy the great things happening in my life without something immediately happening to detract from it. But the truth is, looking back, those moments of challenge helped to deepen the good around me. Not only in the sense of appreciating the blessings in my life, which there are many, but also in helping to shape and mold me even further into my healing.

I feel like an entirely new woman here in the first few days of 2018 and its because of the challenging moments. Everything that takes place in our lives has a purpose. Even and maybe especially, those moments of difficulty. We learn a lot from the easy times but it’s the hard times that really accelerate our evolution, healing and ironically, our ascension.


I am a chameleon.

I am a Pisces with double Virgo with a great big splattering of Gemini throughout my chart. If this sounds like I just started speaking Latin let me explain. This basically means that I change my mind and reinvent myself faster than the moon changes aspects. I am GREATLY influenced by my environment and I used to hate this about myself. Why can’t I stay with one hair color? Why do I keep changing my website with the changing seasons? Why can’t I just be consistent?

But the truth is it takes bravery to try new things. To get rid of the old, even if it’s working, and try something new.

Both personally and professionally, we often stick to what we feel works, what we are complimented on most and what we see others doing. And I learned in 2017 that at the very core, nothing really changes when I reinvent myself. I am always me, on the inside but sometimes I need to inject fresh energy into the trappings I put around myself. And its helped me inspire my clients to do the same for themselves. To see they can try new things. That they can dare to go against the grain. And be all the wise and richer for it.


Shit always works out

There have been many times in my life, but especially over the course of 2017 when I thought to myself “well, there is no way I’m getting through this unscathed…” and low and behold the Divine opened up with a giant, hardy laugh and proved me wrong.

This year taught me that I always manage to pull things together and sometimes it’s in moments of the least planning when I stumble across the very path I am meant to be on.

Whether it was moving from Michigan to Massachusetts on a whim, moving across country to Colorado to start a new life, forgoing a traditional career path to follow my intuition or turning that unconventional career into a multi-6 figure success, I always find my way. I am a powerful manifestor that cannot help but bring to me exactly what I need, even if it’s totally different than what I have envisioned I needed.

And I am so damn excited to see how this supports me in 2018.

What I did in 2017:

-Completed my degree in Psychology and embarked upon my Masters. This is going to help me take Intuitive Medicine from readings and coaching to true therapy for us eccentric, magical folx. This, more than anything I have done to date, inspires and lights me up!

-Scaled back my work so I could focus on my healing, education and my family. This after two of the most prosperous years I’ve ever had in my work. It took bravery to turn away from that momentum but it was exactly what I needed, what my family needed and the best decision I made.

-Scaled back on drinking/partying and other social shit that didn’t really mean much to me. We are skiers, boarders, little boho/folk signing, guitar playing, weed smoking, family. We used to spend so much time where drinking or other substances were the center of whatever else we were doing. It was considered part of the “culture” of what we were involved in. It’s fine if that is your jam but frankly I am getting to the point in my life where I want to do far more than find a substance around which I can socialize and most of all establish friendships that went beyond that. These days I surround myself with those who strive for ideas and experiences to be that which our interaction centers on. I still work with CBD and support medical marijuana and don't really subscribe to the 100% sober (read:ego laden) movement making its way across the interwebs, but I do believe in defining what sober/clean living means for the individual.   

-Started a major healing journey centered on my parents and grandparents. This was huge for me. I had a rather weird upbringing that included parental abduction (well, depending upon which parent you asked), deep poverty, unhealthy parenting, a very nomadic lifestyle that included 8 moves in just as many years and losing both my parents before I was 32 and when I was not speaking to either of them, to name a few. This was a very difficult and at times depressing journey but it was also one of the most rewarding. One in which I feel more connected to those who parented me in this life in death than I did in life.

What is deepening in 2018:


I am addicted to self-exploration at the moment. Well perhaps that is a strong word but alas if you’re going to be addicted to something why not healing? For me this means even more sober and clean living. I am not interested in shoving poison in my body be it food or drink. It also means more traveling backwards and facing wounds and healing them in the deepest, energetic and emotional sense possible.


Which also happens to be my word of the year. I am done doing things that need to be forced. This applies to relationships, work, anything and everything. If it has to be forced then I am stepping back and allowing things to unfold as it may. If it’s meant to be, it will be and I do not need to struggle, stress or manipulate experiences to fit my timeframe, vision or intention. If it isn’t easeful, I am not involved.


Oh, this is a big one, isn’t it? Oh, you don’t think it is? Have you ever considered how many ‘little white lies’ you tell?  The things we rationalize as ok because its attached to someone’s feelings or wellbeing? Or those things we say because we want to avoid an argument? Or from getting fired? Or from being perceived as weird or different? This year I am going to heavily weigh each word so that every single one that passes my lips is the most truthful. Speaking from the heart is not always easy, sometimes it’s easier to slip in a lie in place of the truth but this doesn’t serve anyone. Not me nor those I am speaking to.

-Less ego more heart.

I think this entire country needs more of this. Right now, things are so divided. We surround ourselves with those who think like we do so that we are exposed less to that which we deem disagreeable or wrong. But we need to listen more. To open more. Even if and especially so, when we disagree. Because right now it’s less about being right and more about understanding. Because it’s through understanding that we heal. That we open our minds and hearts. Its understanding that allows us to come together.

And that, perhaps more than anything, is what we need right now. To come together in strength, in power and in love.

Happy 2018 m’loves.




Laura Brown

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