Crystals For Intuition


I am a long time stone medicine maven. I meditate with stones, sleep with stones, have stones in my bra, around my home and in my water. I work with them in my healings, coaching, intuitive medicine and manifest sessions. I charge my food with crystals and have them set up around the perimeter of my home inside and outside. If there is a way to work with a crystal that I have yet to try I will try it now (safely speaking of course). 

But one of my favorite ways of working with stone medicine is for the work the expansion I do intuitively. As someone who works as a professional intuitive and therapist keeping these lines open and clear is incredibly important. Otherwise I am unable to guide and assist others on their path. I could even mislead or misdirect based off fault intuitive information or muddled lines. 

By working with stones which are vibrationally associated with intuition I can maintain my energetic integrity and ensure that I operate optimally in my sessions. 

Some of my favorites

Lapis Lazuli • Oh the Queens stone! Associated with royalty because of the reported relationship between the stone and Cleopatra, Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone for intuition and the throat chakra. Two things that are important as we must be able to not only see clearly but speak clearly of what we see. 

Shattuckite • This is a stone of beautiful blue and blue-green hues that is associated with increasing psychic and mediumship abilities. This is a wonderful stone for creating a deeper relationship with our guides and expanding our capacity to recognize their wisdom as they transmit to us. This is one of my go to stones for intuition and I keep one right near my reading space and another on my altar for meditation. It has been one of my favorite companions for receiving guidance and helping to clear the pathways even on days when I am not feeling on top of my game. 

Selenite • This water soluble (meaning keep this shit away from water unless you want to watch it dissolve and break down) stone is a master cleanser. I collect A LOT of energy. I read for and hold space for intuitive therapy of sometimes 10-15 people per day! Sage and Santo alone, will not cut it when it comes to cleansing both my being and my space. By running this stone over my auric and physical bodies as well as keeping several placed around my office space I am able to dissolve away coagulated and stagnant energy clinging to the light and vibration my space transmits. Its become part of my musts for energetic integrity. 

Clear Quartz • There are more varieties of quartz than I could possibly go into but good old clear quartz is a wonderful expander of intuition and a fantastic means through which I can clear the pipes, so to speak. It is deceptively simple and one would not assume that this powerhouse holds as many purposes as it does but alas this is the master stone and if I were to only work with one this day forward it would a clear quartz! 


Laura Brown

Readings, Ritual, Revolution