Bone Readings

Bone throwing is an ancient form of divination that has guided us for thousands of years and is a personal ceremony designed for gaining insight and connecting with our ancestors.


These sessions assist you in:


-Divining the future

-Taking spiritual work to the next level

-Discovering and comparing paths before you

-Mediumistically connecting to ancestors, guides and ascended masters.


How does a bone throw work?

As with my Tarot and Intuitive Medicine readings, all sessions are held as sacred and as such we begin with opening sacred space by erecting a circle (whether you are in personal or via Skype)

Bones which include cruelty free animal parts as well as charms, stones and other life matter that are fed and charged by the thrower (me). Once we have focused your intent/question within the sacred space we toss the bones and interpret their meaning.

These ceremonies are perfect for questions both general and specific as well as for tapping into the messages your ancestors have to share with you.

These sessions can be done locally if you are in Colorado in my private reading room or online via Zoom.

Each session is 30 minutes in length and recorded for your personal reflection. 

Your investment-75.00