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Allow me to be a conduit for spirit and connect you to your guides, angels, elders and ascended masters. These soulful readings are incredibly powerful tools for your personal and spiritual revolution and help to connect you to the ancient spiritual beings who preside over your numinous journey. 
These readings can be used as a means of gaining soulful insight across a broad spectrum of topics from the most general to the most narrow; no concern is too large nor too trivial. When you purchase this reading we will meet for 15-20 minutes to discuss your focus and where you are in your journey. This helps me to get a feel for your energy and an idea of what concerns I should take with me as I enter liminal space and reach out to spirit. 
Each session is then transcribed and put together in a visually stimulating and Reiki infused PDF book for you to read at your leisure. These readings are great reference guides with each step we take on our path and are best spiritually ingested in small chunks so that you have time to take in your medicine. 
I offer these sessions to you to serve as potent connection. To assist you as you travel your path and to serve as a medium to connect with the divine beings who have been with you since your first incarnation. This medicine can be highly charged as you receive insight and guidance from beings who know you better than you know you. Who have travelled many miles through many lifetimes and who have witnessed your divine expansion and growth. They have been with you for each challenge, held you through each tragedy and beamed with pride and excitement with each achievement and awakening. They hold you in divine, spiritual energy and will continue to do so in ways so infinite its beyond comprehension. 
Many clients experience deep spiritual shifts, awakenings, psychic and intuitive growth and personal revolution with each session. Emotional release, physical vitality and spikes in vibration are all common feedback symptoms clients report to me and the magic seems to increase with each successive session. 

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