Stoking the fires of Sacred Personal Revolution

This is for those ready to expand and nurture their evolution. Who are ready to step beyond patterning and narratives which limit growth and stepping into her fullest power. The cauldron is a representation of the womb as we open to our rebirth


Here we seek clarity and alignment as we illuminate your purpose and delve into the great mysteries of life. Here we heal the deepest wounds and welcome the fire of facing ourselves fully so that we may rise from the ashes, forged from the strongest flames and stronger and more connected to our authentic self than ever before. 

This is a stepping into the magic and the mystery so that we may know too, the sweetness of life. 

These dynamic co-creative sessions take my Intuitive Tarot to the next level by combining them with Alchemical Healing and Personal Sacred Ceremony- providing a deeply personal as well as spiritual revolution. 


Become The Magic