Since 2001 I have provided readings professionally and counseling thousands the world over. I provide insight to my clients by channeling spirit, Ascended Masters, Elders, Ancestors and Elementals. I interpret signs and symbols and intuit the messages of the cards. 

My focus is to provide those who come to me with easy to understand insight that can easily be applied to their lives. This spiritual insight, when grounded with practical action, creates the ultimate intuitive alchemy. 

I help clients to activate their intuition and open to spirit so that they can begin to walk their unique path with authenticity and confidence. 


My Becoming

I did not begin my journey in the same place I am now. I walked a garden of forking paths. I was your standard overachiever-more interested in material pursuits than I was spiritual undertones. 

But I was also miserable and numbing weeping wounds with drugs, alcohol and meaningless casual relationships. I was afraid of my power, afraid of what my gifts would show me if I dared direct them inward. 

But directing them inward, in a moment of deep soul space illuminated my wounds, every fracture to my energy field and showed me the way to total release and healing. 

It also led me to my soul work which is guiding others towards clarity, alignment and empowering them to live their most complete and authentic life. 

I am a mama who loves serving as an example of how you can have your cake and eat it to-showing my son and daughters that when you have a deep calling you find a way to make it happen. 


Step into the cauldron of creativity

This is your life. This is your journey and it should reflect who you are. If you are looking for help accomplishing this-looking for integration, clarity and alignment....