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Welcome to the Curated Life Purpose online workshop. This easy to follow program will teach you the process I guide my one-on-one clients through in manifesting their desires. 

Getting Started

To help you get started before the 3/18/18 launch please consider the suggestions below to deepen your work. 


Having a certain space where you do your work you accomplish two things. First you add an element of sacredness to the process. Though this is practical manifesting, this simply means that we find a balance between the woo and the practical. By creating a space that we acknowledge as sacred we add an element of reverence that helps us to absorb and honor the work we are doing. Secondly it acts as conditioning for our brains. Each time we light the candles in our space, sit in our space or settle in with the stones or other tools we place in this space we are signaling to the brain we are getting ready for some work. This is especially important since the vast majority of my Process is predicated on psychology and the neuroscience, meaning we are going to open, stretch, rewire and recondition our big beautiful brains. 


You will learn The Process through a series of videos, guided meditations which I call Intensives, that are designed to create new neuro pathways and magnetize your emotional, mental and physical self and journal prompts. Journaling is a major component of this process and even if you have not previously found journaling resonant I stress the importance of this process. Since our visual cortex is the first entry way to our brains, the written word is immensely powerful for creating the change that this Process offers. One can safely assume that resistance to journaling is directly related to resistance towards true change and facing parts of ourself and experience-all of which will be required to navigate The Process. 


The only tools that are needed as a journal, pen, earbuds/headphones and device with internet to access the workshop. You are welcome, however, to assemble any items that speak to you. This is especially true when creating the space where you intend to do the Intensives and dig into the subject material. This could include candles, Santo, Sage, gemstones/crystals/minerals etc. 


You are more than welcome to send me your emails but please understand that because of the volume of participants I may be unable to respond in a timely fashion. If you are encountering blocks or struggling a one-on-one manifest session is always available to you.