Intuitive Counseling

Transform trauma into spiritual gold

Intuitive Counseling is self-betterment at its highest. Together we create the synergistic environment through which you uncover and transform trauma into life giving, life expanding energy. With a unique blend of empowerment and goal oriented behavioral coaching as well as the deeply healing intuitive dialogue and energetic healing, Intuitive Counseling supports you in your journey towards living a deeper, more meaningful life.  


So what makes Intuitive Counseling so next level?

Here is the deal, folks, traditional talk therapy and counseling are an exploration of feelings, theory and standards for typical living. They, like most modern allopathic medicine, treats the symptoms when they arise.

…meaning you seek out these modalities when you are already feeling unwell, stuck or otherwise discontent.

Traditional modalities speak to the symptoms and often fail to address the state of being which caused these symptoms.

Intuitive Counseling is a robust combination of Empowerment Coaching, Intuitive Counseling and Energetic Healing that addresses what holds you back with care and deep attention. We go inward to examine the underlying internal conditions which created the “symptoms” to begin with and prevent symptoms from arising before they have a chance to create damaging patterns in your life. Intuitive Counseling also assists you in reversing those patterns already created.

These sessions allow me to read your energy and receive guidance while taking in non-verbal communication that fast tracks progress and helps me guide you towards the core issues faster than simply talking could ever do. Our every moment is a constant co-creation with the universe through the story we tell. I help you reach into the narrative told and the experiences, some of which are rooted in your past, that created this narrative. This allows you to effortlessly remove obstacles that have limited your capacity to manifest the life you desire and to feel a sense of peace and resonance within your day to day experience.

think of it like this: any symptoms of discontent are deep-seated in a narrative told and beliefs held, most of which have their roots in trauma experienced long ago. we peel back the layers to address the root cause, not just the present moment trigger, thus allowing you total and lasting freedom.

Intuitive Counseling is a powerful means of achieving healing that brings you back to your natural state of wholeness. Allowing you to live a life of joy, love, abundance and most of all, deep purpose. Our 60 minutes together via Zoom, consists of intuitive dialogue, coaching as well as intuitive messages and energy work when called for. We begin with some meditation and relaxation and then continue with the rest of the session, which is tailored to you. Nothing is cookie cutter but instead bespoke to speak directly you and your individual needs. A recording of your session is sent to you within 24 hours.


Here are your options for working together


Single Session

Lets me face to face via Zoom! We gather for 60 minutes and begin with some meditation and relaxation and then move into the rest of the session all of which is bespoke to you and your individual needs. Each session is recorded and a link with your recording will be sent within 24 hours of your session.


Monthly Program

When we are breaking down walls and building new foundations we need the structure and the momentum that consistent sessions will provide. You have the option between meeting bi-weekly or weekly each month. Each session is recorded and a link to your recording will be sent out within 24 hours of your session.