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Please note there is a current wait time of 2.5 weeks for Intuitive Alchemy Sessions. Purchase today to be added to the waitlist and scheduled as space becomes available. 

Intuitive Alchemy™ sessions are a perfect marriage of intuitive reading and deep healing designed to help you release blockages and unfurl the potential within. 
We begin with an intuitive discussion focusing on your present challenges/questions and allow the guidance to flow. The second half of the session you will recline comfortably while I go about the energy work portion of the session. You may experience tingling, warmth and other sensations while I am working on you. 
These sessions help you to gain clarity and repair emotional, mental and auric wounds that hold you hostage in patterns that keep you from your highest potential. We are here to leave our mark in this world and the day to day grind can take us all off our game, muddle our energy and create a subconscious narrative that dulls our potential. These sessions help to return you to your divine potential and bring you back to your "A" game. 


**These sessions are potent and create very real cleansing symptoms. You may experience an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual release. All of these symptoms/sensations are completely normal and a sign of the deep cleansing and healing taking place. Self-care and self-nurturing are crucial after these sessions so as to nurture your being through this process. 
Thanks to the wonderment of modern technology you can experience the benefits of these transformative sessions from anywhere in the world via Skype. Whether in person or via Skype we meet for 75 minutes of pure, unadulterated healing, insightful bliss. 

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