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Psychic readings, tarot readings, ritual work



Bespoke Intuitive Ceremony

As a word Witch please note that there is an energetic exchange with these sessions. 

After you may experience sensations similar to that of physical detoxing that are a result of the energetic upgrades which occur as a result of us creating this space. In addition your guides often will download pertinent information, alignments etc. during our session which will carry you into your working day. After your session I will lead you through a grounding exercise to help with this. 

Intuitive medicine sessions are a personal ceremony of insight, clarity and direction.

Together we hold space to receive the wisdom of our higher selves, our guides and ascended masters, which we then weave together with the story Tarot has to share. Receive insight on why you are where you are, where you are headed and what steps to take next.These penetrating sessions are conducted live via Skype or in. person and are an alchemy of my gifts both natural and learned.


Intuitive Medicine Sessions

Once you purchase I will reach you at the email associated with your order to set up our session. I look forward to holding space with you.