intuitive medicine™

modern holistic therapy

Intuitive Medicine™ is a method which promotes total healing by addressing the mental, emotional and energetic or spiritual root of the issues we face in this life. By approaching well-being from this perspective (holism) we are able to create lasting change by guiding you back to your natural state: wholeness. 

Intuitive Medicine™ is for those who are looking to find sustainable well-being within their lives. Those who have tried traditional therapy and found it redundant. Or who have signed up for numerous coaching programs and struggled to maintain progression once on their own; instead feeling dependent upon programs/coaches to feel good or as though they were making progression.

Intuitive Medicine™ is the perfect marriage of intuitive therapeutics, psychotherapy and traditional therapeutics. Together we create a nurturing and safe container where you feel capable of dropping into the most shadowy of internal corridors. This allows you to bring to light all that has been buried and that has limited so that you may heal and find release. So that you can create the fresh slate that allows for you to design the life you desire. 


Intuitive Medicine™ honors the fullness of your being and as such we will employ intuitive tools such as:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • EFT Tapping;
  • Hypnosis; 
  • Intuitive/Tarot Readings;
  • Energetic Healing;
  • Ritual;
  • Inherited Trauma ;
  • Meditation;

To help you heal and find sustainable, long lasting relief from:

  • Depression/anxiety;

  • Abuse (physical, emotional and mental);
  • Self defeating & destructive compulsions;
  • Insecurity/low self-worth;
  • Bipolar and related disorders;
  • Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders;
  • Trauma- and stressor-related disorders;
  • Dissociative disorders;
  • Somatic symptom;
  • And more.

Do you believe you are worthy of well-being?

I could pull from the hundreds of testimonials I have on how much this process works. How good it will make you feel. How much it can change your life. But the fact is you must be willing to believe you are divinely entitled to well-being; that it is your natural state. You must be willing to believe that you are more than the narrative of your past and any mistakes you've made or suffering you've encountered along the way. Look beyond the challenges on your path. Believe that you deserve a life that feels resonant. That feels healed. Know that the peace, the ease, the love, the abundance, the success you desire also desires you. 

You have two options for benefiting from Intuitive Medicine™

The first is through my monthly program that provides you with a structured and cohesive flow, each session building upon the last. 


  • We will meet for 60 minutes each week (4 sessions per month) via Skype, phone or in person. 
  • Our sessions will combine traditional therapeutic inquiry as well as intuitive, psycho-spiritual therapy, mentorship, coaching & energetic healing. 
  • Unlimited email and text support. You receive my personal cellphone for texting support as needed. 
  • Weekly eBooks that cover the weeks work, exercises, encouragement and much more. These become your guide for between sessions. 
  • Additional support as needed and determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Prefer to not have the commitment of a monthly program?

I get it-not all of us like nor feel capable of committing to lengthy programs. This does not mean you should be excluded from the transformative opportunity Intuitive Medicine provides. This is why I also offer ad hoc sessions that you can purchase and use as you feel called.