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Intuitive Medicine™ is a refreshing, modern take on sustainable wellbeing.

But you feel bogged down by the decisions of the past and the responsibilities of the life you lead. You feel stuck in a job that sucks the life out of you.

You feel unloved and under-appreciated in your relationship. Or maybe you wonder if any of these frogs will turn into princes. 

You struggle with feeling you are right on the cusp of greatness, of change and yet you never quite seem to crest. You feel like every day is a series of three steps back for ever two forward. And damn if you are not tired and sick of the pattern that seems unstoppable. You look around at your life and wonder where do I even begin to change this?



Intuitive Medicine™ is for those who are looking to find direction and relief. Those who have tried traditional therapy and found it redundant. Or who have signed up for numerous coaching programs and struggled to maintain progression once on their own.

Intuitive Medicine™ is a method which promotes total healing by addressing the mental, emotional and energetic or spiritual root of the issues we face in this life. By approaching well-being from this perspective (holism) we are able to create lasting change by guiding you back to your natural state: wholeness. 

You want change. You crave it.You want to feel alive, free and limitless in what you are capable of achieving.


i get it. more than you realize. because i was you.

Long before I had a vibrant, loving relationship with my husband of 10 years I was struggling to leave an toxic and unhealthy relationship with my sons father. I lacked the self-worth that would have empowered me to feel I could go against the grain and leave someone who did not fulfill my needs and in fact seemed intent on making me feel unloveable. I was under the illusion that having someone was better than having no one and it cost me my sense of self. 

While now I stand strong in my power and feel an overall sense of peace and contentment in my life I used to run from emotional trauma I had experienced in my youth and early 20's. I numbed myself with drugs, alcohol and unhealthy attachment to attainment. I was constantly swinging like a yo-yo from doing really well to falling flat on my face and I was tired of it. 

Before I created a successful 6-figure spiritual business helping other women, I was a struggling single mother trying to put her ass through college, living off 10k a year sobbing over my  top ramen. I saw any future prospects as being as abysmal as my present circumstance. I was making decisions which very much created from the model I saw of my caretakers growing up. Life was a challenge. You work hard and hope to live pay check to pay check because at least then the rent was paid. But this was not the life I wanted to live.

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i realized if i wanted change i was going to have to think outside the box

Like you, I tried traditional therapy and found it lackluster. I wanted movement. I wanted change. I wanted things to get better, not to sit around and reinforce a story that already was NOT working for me. 

It was then that I started to combine Intuitive tools that were already becoming a growing presence in my life with traditional modalities to address not just what I was feeling but why. Not just where I was in this moment but how I got to this place.  It was this process that saved my life and brought the sustainable freedom that I was looking for. 

Together we peel back the layers revealing your truest self and most authentic desires

You are not meant to live a life based on the expectations others place on you or to find yourself in a constant state of struggle. You can heal your trauma. You can heal from the series of broken relationships, the wounds of your youth with parents/caretakers/peers. You can heal from the poverty mindset that has kept you small and in a place of lack. The truth is you are here to do some pretty magical shit. To live a life that is rich with abundance, possibility, love and peace. You are an immensely creative individual who has limitless potential. And its high time you began living a life reflective of this truth. 


So lets get this ball rolling

Our sessions will combine traditional healing inquiry as well as intuitive counseling, mentorship, coaching & energetic healing. You receive unlimited email and text support, as well as additional support as needed and determined on a case-by-case basis. 




Lets meet via Zoom for 60 minutes! We will explore where you are and dig into intuitive and traditional modalities to help you find relief.

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Lets build momentum that helps you to move beyond obstruction and into total and complete well being. Choose from bi-weekly or weekly sessions.