You have questions...

& You crave clarity. 

Not sure what direction you should head but know that standing still, doing the same thing each day is no longer an option? Do you feel blocked and seek a holistic, intuitive alternative to traditional talk therapy? 

I offer intuitive medicine sessions that are a personal ceremony of insight, clarity and direction. Together we hold space to receive the wisdom of our higher selves, our guides and ascended masters, which we then weave together with the story Tarot has to share. This provides you with an exquisite portrait that sheds light on why you are where you are, where you are headed and how to remove limitations so you can consciously create the life that you desire.  

Laura is for lack of better words The Real Deal. If you knew me, you’d know I do not open myself to many mystics, I believe we each carry our answers within us. I am a pragmatist and a skeptic by nature so allure may be beautiful but trust is hard earned. Laura’s intuition and practice are both deep and scholarly; she is masterful in the emotional inflections of her client and the spiritual nature within them. Laura has a truly rare vision in the world, one that I feel a lasting, honest and honored by a connection to.
— Megan Victoria, Owner Jupiter LaLa

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To give you the answers you're looking for, I use: 

  • My skills as an empath to feel energy and intention;

  • In-depth Tarot reading expertise;
  • Direct channeling & Energetic Work;
  • Suggestions for ritual and spell work for implementing change in your life;
  • Inner and innate knowing and sense of the past, present and future events
  • Coaching techniques to help guide you forward with the insight provided intuitively.
  • Spirit Channeling


Please note after our session you may experience the following symptoms of energy upgrade:

  • dizziness/lightheaded;
  • Nausea;
  • High levels of energy and/or periods of extreme lethargy;
  • Increased need to void;
  • difficulty sleeping.

As a word witch my channeling of spirit messages and energy is extraordinarily strong. The medicine pours into each word that leaves my lips and through my fingers with each keystroke. As such you may experience physical, mental and emotional signs of energetic detox and upgrade. If you find any of these symptoms to be too much for you just simply contact me to have me dial the energy down and call your guides closer to absorb and redistribute the energy as is in your highest good.


In addition to my 16 years as a professional reader I hold the following Certifications/Degrees:

  • Certified Tarot Reader;

  • Formally Trained Cabot Tradition Witch (Laurie Cabot, Salem's official Witch);
  • Certified Metaphysical Practitioner;
  • Master Certified Life Coach;
  • Cognitive Behavioral Coach;
  • BA International Relations & Women's Studies with a concentration in sociology and government policy.

While certification does not make me more or less psychic than others they serve to show my dedication to my craft and my commitment to provide the absolute best to those who seek my counsel. We are all intuitive but investing in formal training further allows me to provide space that is healing, productive to your highest good and safe for personal exploration and unearthing. 

I hold sessions virtually via Skype video or phone as well as in person at my Reading Room located in Parker Colorado. If you have any initial question about how I work please feel free to email me. I look forward to working with you!