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answers that quiet the mind

& nourish the spirit

As a professional Psychic and Tarot reader since 2002 I have helped thousands of men and women just like you find answers, understand their purpose and gain insight into what potential the future holds. 
I help you to understand where you are, what brought you here and what you can do to move beyond obstacles and limitations.  With my psychic intuitive abilities and ever trusty Tarot cards I walk side-by-side with you to find the empowerment to make difficult choices, pursue your dreams and find deep purpose.

Do you roll your eyes at those who get psychic readings?

I totally get it. To most Tarot is simply cards with really cool images on them. But for those of us who've spent years cultivating a relationship with this tool we know that Tarot has its very finger on the pulse of the human experience. 

But more than that....
What makes this service rise above and standout from your standard Tarot reading is the powerhouse combination of my natural psychic abilities with the signs, symbolism and deep meaning of the Tarot cards. This gives you a reading that is both abundant with accurate prediction as well as awareness and self inquiry. 

Its like living life in black and white and suddenly flipping the switch and seeing all the vivid colors this life has to offer.

We all find ourselves at that crossroads where we need an objective eye. Its so easy to get lost in what we want to happen that we fail to pay attention to why we are where we are. An Intuitive Tarot reading helps you gain insight, illuminating the path before you, but also serves to help you make empowered choices. Every minute on this Earth is a co-creation and Tarot reflects back to us our journey, the choices we've made and the options before us. Allowing us to easefully make decisions that enrich our lives and expand our experience for the better.




Lets get personal! We will have a private reading room via Zoom where we can meet face-to-face to get you the guidance you seek. You will receive a link to your recorded reading within 24 hours to review.

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This traditional Tarot spread is delivered via E-mail and is perfect for those who are unable to set up a time to meet with me live. Great for going deep into any question you may have. Delivered in an artfully designed E-book within 48-72 hours of purchase.


This email reading is designed for those who need a little relationship RX. Whether you are searching for some love, or need insight into a current love this reading is for you. E-book delivered within 48-72 hrs.