Signature Service

Are you ready to feel confident?

imagine if you had clear answers & direction for those wtf moments like...

  • They keep saying they will leave their partner/spouse for me. Are they telling the truth?
  • Dude, is this relationship even worth my time and effort, or should I move on?
  • I can't seem to get them to take this relationship seriously. How do I make them commit?
  • I'm not wasting my time on any more booty calls. What are their intentions towards me?
  • This job is sucking the life out of me. How can I create the career of my dreams?
  • I feel so stuck and don't know what I should do! What is the best option for me?
  • I have done the work and nothing is changing. What are my blocks and how to get beyond them?
  • I want a life that feels more in line with me. What changes should I make?


here's where i come in.

As a world renowned Intuitive Reader, Taroist & Energy Worker since 2002 with THOUSANDS of satisfied clients my specialty is providing you with the most accurate intuitive insight, outlining obstacles, pathways, agenda and intentions surrounding the situation you are facing.  
I help you to understand where you are, what brought you here and what you can do to move beyond obstacles and limitations.  I help you to see beyond hopelessness and step into your power to affect major change in your life. 

maybe you've been discouraged with intuitive readings

I totally understand why you'd be tired of hopping from psychic to psychic only to get totally different conflicting answers.
Why does this happen?
Most readers don't have the powerhouse combination of psychic abilities as I do along with over 16 years experience with reading Tarot cards. Additionally most readers are not formally trained in both Intuitive Counseling as well as Tarot reading and as such have readings which are rather one dimensional and very "hit or miss" when it comes to accuracy. 


You've got questions, I've got options...



Lets get personal! We will have a private reading room via Zoom where we can meet face-to-face to get you the guidance you seek. You will receive a link to your recorded reading within 24 hours to review.



This traditional Tarot spread is delivered via E-mail and is perfect for those who are unable to set up a time to meet with me live. Great for going deep into any question you may have. Delivered in an artfully designed E-book within 48-72 hours of purchase.



This email reading is designed for those who need a little relationship RX. Whether you are searching for some love, or need insight into a current love this reading is for you. E-book delivered within 48-72 hrs.