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The Process™

Now you can learn and benefit from the Curated Life Process™, or just The Process™ short, from the comfort of your own home. My new online workshop explores each step of the process, leading you through the exact methods I guide my private clients through as they seek to manifest. 
A radically modern, practical and sound means of attracting to you what which you have long sought, The Process demystifies and breaks through walls that have held you in place.  You receive 10 videos/audio recordings with specific instruction, guided meditations and prompts for taking this work into your everyday. 


Please note that there is a current wait time of 2+ weeks for private manifest sessions™. Please purchase to get on the waitlist and to be added as space frees. 

If you are struggling to manifest even your most basic desires, you are not alone. In fact, you are among some pretty good company as many of us are frustrated with what we've been taught about manifesting. I count myself among them. I've been a devotee of manifesting for the past 20 years and in that timeframe I've absorbed everything on the topic. At first I saw a little progression; I even manifested a few tiny things. But then it was like hitting a brick wall, everything just stopped. 

I was still doing the "work". I was thinking positively, repeating numerous affirmations and staying focused on what I wanted and nothing. In fact I was beginning to feel like my experience just simply reinforced the very sense of lack that brought me to manifesting to begin with.

I felt like I had failed the process but what I've learned is that the process, as its been taught, failed me. 

And its failed you too. 

The Curated Life Process™ is the culmination of my journey to relearn manifesting. The Process™ is informed through my studies in Psychology (Central Michigan University) and Transpersonal Psychology (present doctoral studies) as well as what I have learned in my work as an Intuitive Reader and Therapist. 

While manifesting is not the easy button we've been taught, The Process makes it possible for you to reprogram limiting beliefs which are informing low self-worth. By bringing alignment to the subconscious and conscious you find freedom. 

And the best part is that it works every single time. 


What manifest sessions™ look like

Manifest sessions™ are done online via Skype phone or video as well as in person in my home in Parker, Colorado. We meet for 60 minutes wherein I lead you through The Process™. We uncover blockages and enhance expanding influences, while mitigating limiting expansion, in a positive, inspiring fashion. Our potent discussion will uncover where you are out of vibrational alignment with what you desire. Additionally we will incorporate Spiritual Kinesiology to reveal energetic blocks so we may create clear passages for energy to flow. 
By expanding self-worth, enriching the clarity of your vision and creating the proper mental and energetic foundation upon which you can gain momentum, you leave our session ready to curate your life.


You have two options for benefiting from the Curated Life Process™. 

The first is through purchasing sessions a la carte. This is fantastic for those who want to take things step by step and proceed slowly. The second option is my monthly program that allows us to meet bi-weekly or weekly each month. This allows each session to build upon the last, to keep momentum going so change happens fast and you have the consistent support and encouragement to keep going.