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Psychic readings, tarot readings, ritual work




We've created 3 beautifully wild children and two dogs that are intent on driving me batty.

The enormity of my life is a constant reminder that anything is possible. I have expanded my capacity to receive more than poverty and strife. I've found what works and I built everything I have with nothing but grit and magic. So I know magic is real. I am living proof of it. 

I have seen the power and possibility that ritual and spiritual insight provides. I have put these tools to work in my life and have successfully guided others to do the same for themselves.

From readings to ritual, healing ceremonies to channeling spirit everything I offer you here has been tried and tested over years of faithful and devoted study within my own life. It is my deepest desire that we all break out of the shells we've created for ourselves and rise to embrace all we are capable of receiving. 

I was raised split between the country roads of Northern Michigan and the sometimes wild streets outside of Detroit. At some point on my journey I abandoned the idea of becoming an attorney and decided to help other magically inclined folx like myself to step into their magic, to create a life they crave and to no longer feel alienated because they didn't fit into a neat little box like everyone else. 

This took my journey to Salem, Mass, where I studied under the tutelage of Laurie Cabot and deepened my understand of both the spirituality and the science of Witchcraft. I now reside in the foothills of Colorado.

I have a typical rags to riches story.-rising out of abject poverty with dependency multiple dependencies, to building, from the ground up, a highly successful, multiple 6-figure business. I have stopped the chain of toxic relationships and have been blissfully attached to my soul-mate for 13 years.