Laura is for lack of better words The Real Deal. If you knew me, you’d know I do not open myself to many mystics, I believe we each carry our answers within us. I am a pragmatist and a skeptic by nature so allure may be beautiful but trust is hard earned. Laura’s intuition and practice are both deep and scholarly; she is masterful in the emotional inflections of her client and the spiritual nature within them.
— Megan Victoria, Jupiter lala

Ritual Work


A Psychic Can Tell You Your Future...A Witch Can Change it.

Readings provide us with invaluable guidance that is vital to our continued growth and evolution. Ritual work allows us to put this insight into action by

I am formally trained in the Cabot tradition but ultimately draw upon my 20 years as a practicing Witch and various paths to create sacred space and ritual that launches intention.

Allow me to hold ritual for you and assist in supporting your intentions.