Are you ready to receive?

Readings provide us with invaluable guidance that is vital to our continued growth and evolution. Ritual work allows us to put this insight into action by calling upon the Divine to support us on our journey. 

I am a Cabot trained Witch but ultimately draw upon my 20 years as a practicing Witch and Spirit Worker to create sacred space and ritual that launches intention. 

What is a ritual?

Ritual is a bespoke ceremony for putting prayer and manifestation into action. When we combine the energy and essence of nature with the science of conscious creation we create a portal through which our vision becomes the reality before us. 

A ritual is not, however, a magic genie. Ritual work cannot make someone love you if they do not already love you. A ritual cannot bring you money if you merely sit on your couch wishing for more money. In short ritual work is the support that amplifies the physical action you take in the real world. 

It works if you work it...

When you purchase ritual work we will consult via email about your desired results. I will do a reading (included in the charge) that will reveal the path ahead and the outcome of the ritual work. This reading will also highlight any obstacles or pitfalls that we must take into consideration when we do the work so that we free the road ahead for your desired outcome to come to you swiftly. We will allow the reading to guide us on the best way to support your goals so that getting what you desire is elegantly simple. 

When Laura cautions to be careful what you ask for she means it. I had wanted to amplify intimacy in a relationship that was starting to wane and Laura assisted me with a special spell that she did for me. I got what I wanted and it was fast and furious. Though I chose to leave the relationship for my own reasons later on it was clear that what she did gave me exactly what I want. She is the real McCoy.
— Michelle, Florida

What do you desire to invite into your life?

  • Release wounds and find wholeness;
  • Increase passion and love in relationships;
  • Find new love;
  • Cultivate greater self love and boundaries;
  • Open the road before you for success and abundance to flow effortlessly to you;
  • Courage and optimism;
  • Spiritual evolution and intuitive cultivation;
  • Confidence and self assuredness.
  • New home
  • Fertility
  • Banishing of toxic habits & patterns


and much more.


Please note that I tailor the working exclusively to your desires so that it is unique and specific to you.  I do not do anything manipulative or against the freewill of another so please do not purchase if that is your intent. 

Additionally I stress the importance of being mindful of what we ask for. Sometimes what we imagine to be a need is truly only a want and one that is fluid at best. Ritual work is a powerful tool for manifesting what we desire and I do provide results. If you know what you want and are ready to receive then lets begin our journey together. 

When you purchase we will consult via email your situation. Once we receive the insight from your reading I will perform a bespoke ritual on your behalf as well as provide you with a set of instructions for ways you can welcome this energy to you. Please note that these are mere suggestions to make you part of this process but if you are not comfortable they are not required. 

These bespoke rituals are done either together in my private reading room in Colorado or can be done remotely. 

Investment- 450.00