What is your havingness level?

Havingness being your capacity to receive all the good, juicy parts of life. The abundance, passion, opportunity, sex, creativity, alignment and connection that life has to offer us all? Our work together centers entirely on expanding your capacity to receive. To tap into what you desire, what has held you back and how you can blow past obstacles like they were nothing more than self contrived films of illusion (hint, they really are) and create a life rich with what you desire. 


Who I work with

laura brown coaching
  • I work with people who are amazingly magical or desire to be. Those with a lust for life and a desire to be fully present and conscious during this crazy journey of life. 
  • My clients are on fire with great ideas and a desire to see them become reality.
  • I work with the bold and the daring, those willing to take the big risks, especially when it comes to their self improvemet. 
  • Those who've soard to unbelievable heights of success and fallen flat on their face and are ok rubbing against their comfort zone in order to shed who've they've been so that they can become who they're destined to be.
  • I work with those who've walked a colorful path and those looking to add vivid hues to their lives. 

I've worked with magically inclined corporate professionals, those in the finance industry, creatives like musicians, actors and artists, teachers and sex workers. I've worked with other coaches and healers as well as stay at home moms looking to find their own special brand of magic to unleash into the world. 

My clients are dedicated, aspired beings, who've accomplished a lot all by their onesie and yet are fueled by the limitless possibility which awaits them by working with a top-level coach. 

Because here is the secret, ya'll--those I work with do not need me or any other coach for that matter. They desire the guidance, insight and support that working with me and other high-level coaches provides. My clients seek me out with fervor because they desire to go from ok or good to deliciously, epically great. 

Who I do not work with

I do not roll with folks who:

  • Would rather hold onto their past and the wounds holding them back.
  • Who like to point the finger at everyone else but themselves.
  • Who aren't willing to take ownership for their lives (because ownership is the power that gives you control over your future, m'love).
  • Those who are unwilling to acknowledge and wield their own unique brand of magic. 
  • Who want to stay in their toasty, albeit limiting box of predictability. 


Are you ready?

If you are interested in working with me, fill out the form below and I will get back to you to set up a time for us to speak. Lets pull up on the couch with our drink of choice (mine is coffee or tea depending upon the time of day but you roll how you wish) and talk about you and all that inspires you. If you inspire me and I feel I can be of service I will offer a bespoke proposal for working together long term. 

My clients invest $3000 to work with me for 3 months. 

So, you're ambitious and ready to take life by the ovaries?

You already know that you want to work with together and cannot wait to get started? I respect that-and can't wait to match your enthusiasm as we embark on this journey together.  In fact I offer a special offer for those who display their commitment to their own wellbeing right out of the gate!


Not sure yet? I respect that too! Lets talk some more!

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In my 8 months of working with Laura I have healed 35 years of trauma and victimization. The enormity of this statement should not be lost on you. Its not lost to me. I cry. I laugh. I get pissed because she challenges me and calls me out. She has helped me to tap into my own magic and I have started taking action and drawing towards me all that I have wanted and told myself was out of my reach. I have an awareness of what held me back that empowers me to take action rather than twiddle my thumbs and bemoan where I am at in life. There is no way to truly bring home the value of Laura’s guidance except to say that if you are not living the life you feel you are capable of, if you are unhappy in any way with the person you are then you simply cant afford to NOT work with her.
— Josie M