It is my honor that you are here! Please take a moment to look around, I offer a variety of intuitive services to aid you on your journey. You can receive an Intuitive Counseling session or a Tarot reading to gain insight into the energy around you or a situation to assist in making empowered choices. For those who are called towards integration and wholeness I offer a variety of healing technologies to serve you. When insight and healing simply are not enough I offer personalized Psychointuitive Coaching designed to provide life altering personal revolution.  My mission is to help women foster the deepest, most luscious self-love, write a narrative that takes their life to new heights with relationships that drip with passion all the while sauntering through her modern life with the illumination to know what is ahead and how to navigate it. I am a soul seeker and an ass kicker. I get things done-I've climbed over mountains and worked major magic in my own life and now teach women how to do the same for themselves. I help women get out of ruts, end the reliance on ephemeral satisfaction that only widens the void and help to create soulful personal revolution that connects you to your inner magnificance.

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