Blessed Destruction
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Blessed Destruction

Welcome to Witch Wisdom! In todays show we are going to discuss Mercury which is currently retrograding until September 5th and the upcoming total Solar Eclipse. 

We are facing some pretty heavy energy for the month of August and for many of us it can prove challenging. How can we harvest the blessing in even the most difficult times? How can we keep our hearts open to the medicine we are to receive right now even when we may have a strong desire to run and hide until its all over? 

We will tackle these topics and the reading for both of these transits so that you are empowered with information that will help you with work this energy!

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Full Moon Reading

Welcome to the July Full Moon reading and guided meditation. This is your opportunity to enter into your Soul's Temple to release anything that you desire, to ask for assistance with something you wish to see come to fruition and tap into the energetic upgrade of this Full Moon. 

You can join this event online here or call in at 720-651-9389

A recording of the event will be sent out to those who have added their information to the Lunations newsletter. If you have not yet done so you may enter your information below. 

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