Laura Brown

Seeress, Spirit Worker & Transformative Coach


Soothsaying Almanac

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Tarot Readings

Tarot is a symbolic book of wisdom which I work with in both a holistic (the why’s) and predictive (the what and when) to help unlock the many doors before you so that you are better able to make empowered, informed and clear decisions. The cards are a tool which weave the way through consciousness and has its pulse upon the human experience. The cards, as a collection of symbols, carries within her lines our story. They serve as doorways through which we open to the mysteries of life.


One-on-one cOACHING

Stoking the fires of Sacred Personal Revolution

Our work together centers entirely on expanding your capacity to receive. To tap into what you desire, what has held you back and how you can blow past obstacles like they were nothing more than self contrived films of illusion (hint, they really are) and create a life rich with what you desire. 

I work only with the most extraordinary magical beings and those who desire to bring more magic into their life. Those who are ready to step up to the plate, take ownership of their lives and their future. To step into their most intimate, personal and magical power so that they may create a life that goes from good to astoundingly great. 


Psychic Readings

You crave clarity...

Not sure what direction you should head but know that standing still, doing the same thing each day is no longer an option? Do you feel blocked and seek a holistic, intuitive alternative to traditional talk therapy? 

I offer intuitive medicine sessions that are a personal ceremony of insight, clarity and direction. Together we hold space to receive the wisdom of our higher selves, our guides and ascended masters, which we then weave together with the story Tarot has to share. This provides you with an exquisite portrait that sheds light on why you are where you are, where you are headed and how to remove limitations so you can consciously create the life that you desire.  



alchemical healing.JPG

A Psychic Can Tell You Your Future...A Witch Can Change it.

Readings provide us with invaluable guidance that is vital to our continued growth and evolution. Ritual work allows us to put this insight into action by

I am formally trained in the Cabot tradition but ultimately draw upon my 20 years as a practicing Witch and various paths to create sacred space and ritual that launches intention.

Allow me to hold ritual for you and assist in supporting your intentions.