"I began working with Laura in 2006...

when I was going through a very difficult time. I started first with just doing readings and then moved into her weekly intuitive coaching program. Laura's insight is uncanny-like she is able to tap directly into another's thoughts. I can always count on her to tell me exactly how it is and then help me figure out what to do from there. We have become close friends through the years and I am grateful everyday for her presence in my life. She is a provoker of spirit; and has never failed to be there for me in all ways that count as both a friend and an adviser." 

Tina S, New Mexico

“Laura has been a wonderful mentor over the past 12 months...

Working with her was an investment that I will make again and again and again. I see her as an integral to my continued evolution. She is THAT good. ”

— Jenny H

“If you have the opportunity for a session with Laura, please accept it…

and bask in truth, trust of our universe and warmth.
To begin with her voice is truly special, both in sound frequency she emanates and in her powerful, warm, and wise use of it. Her voice resonates so deeply I felt immediately as if she’s known me and been near me my entire life… a sister, a wise woman and a friend.
As Laura unfolded our session she translated the words that shaped the questions I felt about my future with incredibly astounding insight and keen intelligence. Her soulful voice walked with me and guided me to resolutions and practices I did not know were even within me.
I sat in complete shock as she spoke my hearts lingering questions with grace and love, her voice moved like sunlight through so many chambers I rarely opened to and she flooded them with a rare loving and knowledgeable light. 

Laura is for lack of better words The Real Deal. If you knew me, you’d know I do not open myself to many mystics, I believe we each carry our answers within us. I am a pragmatist and a skeptic by nature so allure may be beautiful but trust is hard earned. Laura’s intuition and practice are both deep and scholarly; she is masterful in the emotional inflections of her client and the spiritual nature within them. Laura has a truly rare vision in the world, one that I feel a lasting, honest and honored by a connection to. 

It has been 6 months since that day and I can still hear her, like an anchor to my own truths. As I write to tell you how deeply this experience with her resonated, I can feel the bells of truth ring in me, and the tears well. 
I follow Laura on all social media and just as in our session she speaks a truth and authentic wisdom that is vastly rare. In a world of chatter Laura is a clear strong instrument of universal wisdom. 

Thank you Laura, for your unparalleled offerings.”

— Megan Victoria, Owner of Jupiter Lala


"You know that feeling when you just meet someone and they change your life?

No? Well I do and that moment was when I had my first session with Laura five years ago. She is honest, accurate and so damn funny that I sometimes forget that we are talking about some of the most sensitive, personal stuff I've shared with anyone. She has taught me how to love myself, accept myself and live life on my terms. I came to her broken and disheartened and she helped me discover the jewel I always was and failed to see. A million thank you's are not enough, Laura. You are as necessary to my life as is water."
Cadence W, Michigan

“Laura and I have now been working together for a few years...

Her candor, wisdom, and insightful support have helped guide me through multiple relationships, moves, career and financial hardships and, ultimately, the path back to my higher self. I love the many different disciplines and angles Laura draws from, and I have indulged in all of her offering from tarot readings, to coaching, to past life readings, to astrology readings, to alchemic healings. I am constantly blown by what she brings to the table, especially her knack for filling in the gaps and promoting clarity. 
If you have followed your curiosity to Laura’s website, I highly recommend that you take the dive and reach out to her. You won’t regret it!"

— Hilary, San Rafael, CA

Recently I had a reading with Laura...

 Not to talk about a broken heart or when my next boyfriend would show up. Not to dissect drama with friends or to discuss family karmic issues. I set up an appointment with her for guidance on a business issue. I had been "chasing my tail" around and around on a choice I needed to make. I hoped she could add some clarity to what seemed like a confusing and complex fork in the road. In our short time together on the phone, Laura was able to almost immediately cut to the chase. She swept away all the layers of emotions (yes, even in business), and pinpointed the heart of the matter. She briefly referenced the history of the dilemma in a simplified fashion (did I mention I held the belief that it was complex? ) She walked me down both paths - pros and cons - and most likely outcomes of each path. She told me everything I already knew to be true, but couldn't see until she boiled it down. It's almost as if she showed me my own truth. I hung up from that call with perfect clarity. What a gift! I wanted to share with the group only because I'm not sure why I didn't call her earlier in the process. I believe sometimes we seek guidance in some areas of our lives, but not in others - in the "heart" areas but never the "brain" areas. Tarot is such a wonderful tool - and Laura is a talented and gifted coach - in any situation.

-Cherie Stine, Owner and CEO of Tech Candy